Friday, March 2, 2012

Because We Can't Get Enough of Ranking Things

You know that we here at MMOM love to rank things.  We could probably devote a whole new Podcast dedicated just to AAA’s Diamond Ratings.  But AAA isn’t the only game in town when it comes to ranking restaurants and hotels.  Perhaps even more eminent* is the Forbes Travel Guide.  Established as the Mobil Travel Guide**, they have been giving up to five stars to restaurants and hotels since 1958 (AAA started its Diamond program in 1975).  A quick look at the list of annual winners shows that this is a considerably more exclusive ranking—there are only 57 five-star hotels and 25 restaurants in North America.

While the Forbes Travel Guide aims to be more exclusive, it is also more enigmatic.  Forbes claims to use “500 standards” to evaluate hotels, but they keep those standards more closely guarded.  Their explanation of their ratings does appear similar to AAA’s, however.

Forbes is also less kind to Disney: none of the Disney World resort hotels appear on the four- or five-star lists.  That could lead one to think that Forbes just neglected the World, or family resorts in general.  But this is clearly not true, as Victoria and Albert’s is rated (but only as a four-star), and Hersheypark’s Hotel Hershey gets four stars.

On the show and our blog last week we discussed what Disney has to do to get the Grand Floridian their fifth AAA Diamond (Answer: they have to upgrade their furniture from “upscale” to “stunning” and call you by name more).  Perhaps the better question to what do they need to do to get in the good graces of the folks at Forbes.

*I can’t mention star ratings without giving a shout out to the mother
of them all: the
Michelin Guide.
**Forbes Media bought the license for the Guide from ExxonMobil in 2009.

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