Thursday, March 29, 2012

Episode 44 -- Friday Night's Alright for....Richard Petty and Habit Heros

Ricky Bobby partaking in the Danica Patrick Driving Experience

This week the boys discuss the Richard Petty Driving Experience, Danica Patrick, welded doors, skinny jeans, and Habit Heros.

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  1. To the question of auto insurance for the Richard Petty Driving experience, and the exotic driving experience, your personal auto insurance or insurance from the rental company will not cover you on a race track. Club racers (yes, there is such a thing), can get specialized race insurance for their "race" car when they are on the track. It does not cross over into use on a public street. There are companies that will sell you this insurance for a day or a weekend, if you are not racing all the time. Its incredibly expensive. I would think that Disney probably has you sign a waiver, unless they have their person in the car with you at all time, then it may be possible that they have coverage under their own insurance. But people off the street like us don't qualify as a trained racecar driver (yes, you can get your competition license at many venues around the country).

    Great job guys!!

    P J