Wednesday, March 7, 2012

More FastPass Change News

In our last episode, we discussed some of the imminent FastPass changes that are coming to WDW in early March 2012. The changes are highlighted in this post as well.   MMOM generally took a "we'll believe it when we see it" approach when it came to actually seeing Disney cast members enforce a rule that was never enforced in the past  (i.e. the back end of the fast pass window).  Part of our reasoning is that there was no change to the FastPass ticket itself evident in the information Disney released on the changes.  So why were we to believe that the system would change in any material way?

Well, today, it was announced that a disclaimer will be added to the bottom of each ticket.  It will read:

"Not able to accommodate late arrivals"
So cold, so simple, and obviously new, but will this impact how these new rules are enforced?

I think it will.  Now Disney can make it seem like the 15 minute window they are giving you is some kind of favor.  Those front line workers can point right to the FastPass and say "Sorry sir, them the rules."  I was holding out hope that this was just for show, but it is beginning to seem very real.  We may have to take Dutch's advice and use selective tantrums to get our way....

Does this give Disney more clout to enforce the new FastPass rules?  comment below or E-mail us at

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