Monday, March 5, 2012

Underrated Disney World Attractions

In Episode 42 of MMOM,  posting this Thursday, we discuss some hidden "values" you can find in the World.  We try come at it from the perspective of:

What can you get in Disney that gives a lot of enjoyment , for little cost (for attractions cost is mostly waiting in line) and that many guests don't seem to pay a lot of attention to.  Dutch selected an Epcot attraction "The Grand Fiesta Tour"as one of his most undervalued attractions in the World.  Here are a few more, in my mind, which qualify as "hidden gems." 

1.  Living with the Land

Amongst the hustle and bustle of the Land Pavillion (with the masses running towards Soarin' or eating at Sunshine Seasons)  is an attraction that often has no wait and take you on a pleasant boat ride through the inner workings of the pavilion and a working "greenhouse." While some of the audio-animotronic scenes are a bit dated, the show really becomes entertaining when it take you through a working laboratory where all fruits and vegetables are grown in a variety in simulated environments.  The show doesn't change much year to year, but is always relaxing and yields something new that catches your eye each time you ride.  Several years ago, human tour guides were removed in favor of a recorded audio tour.  This may be a disappointment to some, but as the spiel remains consistent for each ride, I can spend some time looking for things I have not seen before.  For a special treat, ride at night (during EMH), you may actually get a whole boat to yourself.  For me, its sometimes the first attraction of our trip and shouldn't be missed. 

2. Flights of Wonder

We have long lamented the fact that Animal Kingdom is a half day park on MMOM's weekly podcast.   Adding this show to your normal touring can not only make your trip to AK more worthwhile, but you will also be partaking in a unique and (somewhat) spontaneous show.  Flights of Wonder usually runs at the top of every hour, and most of the time you can walk in and find acceptable seating only a few minutes before show time. The seating is in the shade and the light crowds allow you to spread out a bit and relax.   Even with its annoying storyline and hammed-up acting by the show's humans, the stunts by the real stars of the show are actually pretty incredible.  The show lasts abort 30 minutes and is highlighted by stunts where the birds (including a bald eagle) fly within inches of audience members heads. I find it entertainining because I always assumed the most a bird could do on command is repeat words back to you.  These birds can do that and much, much more.   It's a nice break from the frantic pace of getting in Animal Kingdom's headliner attractions, and you don't have to worry about getting clipped in the ankles by ECVs like you do on the walking trails. 

3.  Micky's PhilharMagic

It is hard to say if it is the placement in between Fantasy Land favorites like The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and Peter Pan, or the fact that it was launched  without the typical Disney spin, Philharmagic plays to half empty theatres for most of the day.  If you catch it early in the day there will be two dozen people in a theatre designed to hold several hundred guests.  Each of the four parks has their own 3D show and given the addition of the ridiculous Captain Eo to Epcot, and the constant problems getting MMOM favorite Muppet Vision fully functional, this is the best 3D show in Disney World.  The show takes you on a 3-D trip through some of Disney's most famous melodies all under the guidance of a hapless Donald Duck. Almost every scene provides an interactive/physical element that make the show even better.  The scene from Beauty and the Beast's Be Our Guest is particularly fantastic.  I personally never leave the show without a big smile and enjoying myself thoroughly, but you would be hard pressed to find people who rank it in their list of "must do" attractions. 

So what do you think are the most undervalued attractions in the World?  Let us know in the comments below or E-mail us at and we will give you a mention in an upcoming episode. 

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