Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What Makes the Yacht Club So Good: Part 1

We give the Yacht Club a lot of publicity on MMOM, but it's time to really give it the hard sell. Here is Part 1 of the top 10 countdown of why the Yacht Club is one of my favorites.

10.  The Quiet Pool

Yes, of course Stormalong Bay is one of the great assets of Yacht Club, but tucked away off the long hallway leading away from the hotel lobby is a small quiet pool that provides a break from the chaos that is the main pool area at the heart of the resort.  When you just feel like relaxing and floating without being splashed, or pushed by an artificial water current the quiet pool is an excellent alternative.   Swimming in a pool with only your family and a few other hotel guests is truly a hidden gem of the Yacht Club.  The quiet pool is small, has ample poolside seating, its own restrooms and a whirlpool.   The pool is usually open later than Stormalong Bay, so can be used long after you get back from the nighttime fireworks shows at Epcot or the Magic Kingdom. 

Note:  There is no lifeguard on duty at the Yacht Club quiet pool.

9. Wrap Around Porch

Outside of the back of the Yacht Club lobby is a long covered porch that wraps around the entire length of the resort. Take a seat in one of the rocking chairs and people watch to your heart's content. The transition of the walkway to the Beach Club is seamless, and the wrap around porch gets added bonus points for having the Yacht Club portion end right at MMOM favourite Beaches and Cream.

8.  The Crews Cup Lounge

The Crews Cup Lounge is a small bar connected to the Yachtsman Steakhouse serving a variety of mixed drinks, wines, and beers on tap.  There are tables and even a few booths where you can order from a limited food menu, or just take a seat at the bar and chat up one of the friendly and knowledable bartenders.  Most of the food items come from the nearby Captain's Grille.  The dark woods and decor make the Crews Cup Lounge classy but comfortable.  Crews Cup Lounge is the perfect place to grab a drink before a great dinner next door, to grab a night cap, or even relax and catch a sporting even on one of the flat screen.  Crowds tend to be light, but can obviously swell when waits at the Yachtsman Steakhouse are long.

7.  Long Boardwalk

After Illuminations ends in Epcot, take the opportunity to stroll back to the Yacht Club from the International Gateway between France and England.  The resort is usually winding down activities for the night and there is a calm to the resort that allows you to hear the activity across Crescent Lake at Disney's Boardwalk.   As you pass Stormalong Bay on your right you approach the long boardwalk to the rear entrance of the Yact Club lobby.  The picture pretty much says it all. The resort's theme and desired atmosphere are both executed perfectly for your enjoyment. 

Stay tuned tomorrow for Part 2!

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