Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What Makes the Yacht Club So Good: Part 2

We continue our top ten countdown of the best of Disney's Yacht Club.  Read Part 1 here.

6. The Yacht Club Main Entrance

Most of Disney's deluxe resorts have a long meandering "driveway" that leads to the valet at the front of the resort after you have checked in at the guard station. The main entrance kind of sneaks up on you.   However, the Yacht Club's entrance is a straight shot across a bridge to the amazing entry way (pictured on the left).  When you pull in to the resort from Epcot Resorts Blvd, you instantly get that "I'm home" feeling.  The perfectly manicured grounds make the walk from self parking to the main entrance a pleasure.  And what can I say, I am a sucker for fountains.   The fountains flanking both sides of the bridge really add a touch of class to your walk from self parking to the entrance in 95 degree heat. Once you arrive at the main entrance you are greeted by some of the friendliest cast members I have encountered in the World.   As a side note, the cast members should get a ton of credit for keeping their composure in those uniforms in the middle of the summer.  The Yacht Club uniforms are NOT Florida friendly.   I know those of you from the South may get used to the heat, but those uniforms don't look like they breath too much in any weather, let alone Florida in August. 

5. Room Balconies

Almost every room at the Yacht Club has a balcony or patio. For the same rate per night next door at the Beach Club, very few rooms  have their own private balcony. While not every room view is phenomenal (like every other Disney Resort if you want a great view, you have to pay for it up front), it is always nice to start your morning off with a cup of coffee and taking in the calm of the resort before it is bustling with activity.  Request a room on the third or fourth floor when  you book your stay and Disney will try to accommodate your request.  The fifth floor, and those with the best view, are dedicated to the Regatta Club (the Yacht Club's concierge level rooms)  The shot above shows the nighttime activity from Disney's Boardwalk in the distance. And if you are lucky....

4.   View of Illuminations

Get the right room and you can see clear across Crescent Lake and see the fireworks from Illuminations.  While nothing can replicate catching the show from a prime location inside Epcot, there is something to be said for a private viewing from your hotel room. 

3.  Location, Location, Location

International Gateway Entrance
This would be rated even higher if it was unique to the Yacht Club, but you can make the same argument for all Epcot Area Resorts.  Here are three reasons that the location is so great.

a  You don't need the rental car for two of the four parks.  You can easily walk to Epcot and you can walk (albeit a much longer one) to Disney's Hollywood Studios.   If you don't feel much like walking, there is boat service to both parks.  Note:  For those headed to Epcot for park opening, you enter at the World Showcase (far from the headliner attractions). So plan accordingly. 

b.  With the closing of Pleasure Island several years ago, Disney's Boardwalk remains one of the few nighttime "hot spots" on property.  Staying at the Yacht Club gives you access to the all of the clubs, restaurants and street performers.  Some of the Boardwalk will stay open as late as 2 AM.

c.  Many of the World's best restaurants are withing walking distance.  Not only do you have access to the Boardwalk, but getting to restaurants in the World Showcase and the Swan and Dolphin, both of which have some good restaurants that are NOT on the Disney Dining Plan.  The choices for both food and drink are abundant, and if you have listened to the MMOM podcast, you will know just how critical having an ample supply of food and drink immediately available is to all three of us.

Part 3 coming soon! 


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