Friday, April 20, 2012

Disney Live Blog: Four Attractions, Four Parks, One Day

4/20/2012 8 PM

Here is the setup. On our last full day at WDW, Mrs. Shuttlesworth and I (on some rides just me) will attempt to ride one headliner attraction in each park and finish as early in the day as possible.

The proposed lineup:

Hollywood Studios: Toy Story Midway Mania

Animal Kingdom: Expedition Everest

Epcot: Soarin'

Magic Kingdom: Splash Mountain

All parks open at 9 AM, except DHS which has early extra magic hours starting at 8 AM. As for rules, not much. FastPass use is OK, and we can park at our resort (The Polynesian) if needed. Other than that no special accommodations. We may replace Splash Mountain with Space Mountain if the weather does not hold up.

See you in the morning!


7:30 AM

We are off to Hollywood Studios after grabbing a quick breakfast to go. I was surprised at the level of activity at the resort for such an early hour. The plan is to get to two park openings in one day. Hopefully, the wait at Toy Story will be short at 8 AM

7:50 AM

Arrived at DHS front gate. Look at all those buses and the crowd at the front gate. I am floored right now. Now I know why to avoid EMH morning parks. May need to rethink strategy a bit.

8:10 AM: 5 minute wait posted. Decided to give it a shot Sorry no pic. Line seems much longer

8:45AM:One down. On our way to Epcot. Wait at Toy Story when exiting was already 40 minutes. Ridiculous.

8:55 AM: Arrived at Epcot should be at the gate for opening.

9:20 AM: Back to the car. 30 minute wait at Soarin' so we nabbed fastpasses with a 10:10-11:10 AM return window. Think Test Track being down played a role in the long wait at Soarin'. On our way to Animal Kingdom for Everest.

9:36 AM: Arrived at the Animal Kingdom. Lots are beginning to fill up.

9:55 AM: Wait at Everest was 25 minutes. But there were only three people in the single rider line.

10:01 AM: Off Everest. Single rider to the rescue!!

10:15 AM: Two down. Headed back to Epcot. We debated using the monorail from the TTC but decided there were to many variables.Legs are getting a bit tired. Walks from the lots are taking their toll.

10:20 AM: Back at Epcot lot. We are going to be parking in the Discover. One piece of advice so far: avoid bag check. We have likely saved twenty or more minutes by traveling light to the parks.

10:42 AM: Wait at Soarin' is 75 minutes. Got in the fastpass line and it was bad too, longer than I have seen at any point. Soarin' loads far too slowly given its popularity. Might be time for another "concourse."

11:22 AM: Three down. Back in the car heading to the Poly and then to the Magic Kingdom to complete the challenge. My only regret so far was not just waiting for Soarin' instead of getting a FastPass. The single rider line at Everest has been down the past few days, so I overestimated how long a wait I was in for. That said, the posted wait times at Soarin tend to swing widely and be inaccurate. The twenty minutes could have been forty or more.

11:41AM: Just boarded monorail green and we are on the way to the Magic Kingdom. Just two stops away. Pic of our ride is below.

12:01 PM: Frontierland without incident. 35 minute wait. Need a break at some point on this wait.

12:08 PM: Wait very much overstated, should get there soon.

12:31 PM: Success! Cut a few minutes out of the wait being a single rider and enjoyed my fourth major attraction in four different parks. It feels like I have spent all day touring, but now time to celebrate with a Dole Whip.

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