Friday, April 27, 2012

Disney's Art of Animation Resort - Family Suite tour

The above video was posted yesterday on  I find the tour oddly captivating.  I've watched the video at least 6 times between last night and this morning.  Here are my thoughts:

The master bedroom and living area look huge.
I like the bed in the master bedroom and enjoy the decently sized bedside tables.
*  The master bath is a good size and has a nice, modern clean look.
*  The chair in the master bedroom also looks pretty comfortable and I'm glad they offer one.
*  They went all in on the theme.  Kids will love it.
*  Murphy bed!


*  They went all in on the theme.  As an adult, I hate it.  I think the colors are awful and look like an acid trip.  Some of the artwork works, like the sleeping Nemo over the Murphy bed, but the rest doesn't.
*  The pull out sofa looks very uncomfortable in sofa mode.
*  The mini coffee tables look like something out of Ikea.  Ditto for the table and chairs.
*  The kitchenette looks out of place and could have been integrated much better into the space.

Overall, these look pretty good.  With rack rates anywhere from $248 to $425, these look like a pretty good option for a family with needs for a larger space.  I think the biggest drawback is the color scheme and theming.  If that's a dealbreaker, it's probably best to look off-site or even at the Swan and Dolphin suites.

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  1. Lady Dr. SpringfieldApril 30, 2012 at 9:35 PM

    I dunno, I kind of like the decor/colors etc. Reminds me of being in a Pixar movie, which as an admittedly kid-at-heart type adult, I actually like! Plus, 2 bathrooms?! And a Murphy Bed? Sold.