Friday, April 20, 2012

Snow White's Scary Adventures closing May 31

On Tuesday I promised to write more about tradition in WDW.  So I was reading this month’s MouseSavers Newsletter (which I highly recommend you subscribe to by clicking here).  Each month, MouseSavers lists the dates that attractions will be closed in the near future.  Since I’ll be there in just a few weeks, I am particularly interested in this information.  That’s when I saw that the last ride for Snow White’s Scary Adventures will be May 31.
On some level, it’s kinda neat to know that I will be among the last to ride their venerable attraction.  However, my initial reaction was disappointment.  First, they are replacing it “Princess Fairytale Hall”, which will be a princess meet-and-greet location.  I don’t know exactly why, but this princess fixation just rubs me the wrong way (if something can articulate why it should bother me, I’d love to hear it).  More generally, though, I always lament the loss of an old attraction.
Go ahead, ride the ride and try to steal the apple
It is a narrow path to walk.  On one hand, you have adults who have fond memories of their childhood trips to the World, and perhaps want to share those memories with their childhood.  On the hand, there are at least as many people who want to see something new, or least not pay good money for something dated.
And in fairness to Disney, they actually do a pretty good job of preserving traditions.  A look at this Wikipedia entry (not necessarily authoritative, I know, but useful) shows just how few attractions have bit the bullet in these 40-plus years.  Then there’s been this recent push to revive old classics.  So I guess I’ve made my peace with the loss of another classic ride.

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