Monday, April 2, 2012

Progress in Fantasy Land

The New Dumbo

The first phase of the Fantasy Land Expansion opened in mid-March with the addition of  Storybook Circus.  The main attractions added thus far are one of the two Dumbo the Flying Elephant midway rides, a rethemed Barnstormer roller coaster and a new Fantasy Land train station.  Most of this is either a refurb or outright replacement of Mickey's Toontown Fair.  A good rundown on the new attractions can be found here

One thing that sticks out are the attention to detail on the new area (including Dumbo).  It is a welcome change from Toontown which always had the look and feel of a temporary attraction that was long past its useful life.  Although it is just the start, and most of the attractions and appeal to date is for the  younger members of your traveling party, reviews on the expansion have been positive.

Finally, WDW Magic has posted a photo showing progress on the Mine Train coaster which stands to be one of the expansion highlights. 

If anyone has visited the new Storybook Circus let us know your thoughts by e-mailing

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