Monday, April 23, 2012

Success. We can get our cake pop and a blond roast!

Some higher-up’s in Disney must listen to our show.
A few months ago (maybe Dutch remembers the episode number), we discussed just how awful the coffee is in WDW parks, and that the only place to get a decent cup of coffee in the entire World (Disney, not Earth) is Kona Cafe.  We suggested that Disney should consider a corporate partnership with a national coffee shop brand (we suggested Dunkin' Donuts, given our New English pedigree), which would inevitably result in a killing for both companies.
Well someone took our advice.  Starbucks and Disney have announced a new deal to open a Starbucks inside of each of the six theme parks Disney operates in the U.S.  That includes the four in Florida and the two in California, the first is scheduled to be open "this summer" at Disney California Adventures.  The other five are to follow.
According to the announcement, the cafes will all be themed and even named to match their park.  References to Starbucks will be subtle--there will be no Starbucks logo outside of the shops, for example.  Each café will sell a combination of classic Starbucks and Disney foodstuffs. 
Anyone committed to getting up early to get to a park for rope drop appreciates the importance of a good cup of coffee, and the value of not having to drive off property to get it.
Since each of the cafes will be named and themed to fit into its respective park, my questions for you is where will they be placed, and what should they be called?

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