Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mickey will have to wait

I should be sleeping right now.  I should have a rental car in a parking lot, and my head on a moderately-comfortable pillow in the All-Star Sports resort.  Instead, I am in my living room at the Springfield Mansion.  Let me tell you why.

My living room.  Not the first picture I wanted to post from my Disney adventure.

I arrived at Theodore Francis Green Memorial Airport at 3:50 p.m. today for my 7:20 flight.  I had learned earlier that day that my flight might be delayed, so I figured I could arrive early and try to haggle with the airline.  Long story short, over the next 6 hours our delay was 3 hours (that's bad), then 45 minutes (that's good), then 3.5 hours (that's bad), then 4 (...), then at about 10:00 p.m. it was cancelled (can I go now?).

Early in the ordeal I managed to snag $100 Southwest vouchers for Dr. Springfield and me (SWA is actually pretty liberal with these).  Once they announced the cancellation I ran for the desk to seek justice.

I calmly asked for the earliest flight (6:30 p.m.), and then asked for the earliest flight to MCO from anywhere in New England.  This netted me a pair of tickets from Hartford, CT at 6:25 a.m.  PRO TIP: Don't ask for a hotel room.  Airlines rarely give those out these days and anyway, at least half the time a hotel room isn't really giving you anything you really want.  I asked for a rental car that could take me to Hartford (and which, incidentally, could also take me home for the night).  It took only a wee bit of haggling to get the lady to agree to pay for it.  She called National, secured a reservation, got the rate, then wrote me out a genuine check to cover it.  Those flight-announcing people just have checkbooks at their disposal!  That's a Pro Tip, too.

While I was up at the desk, I left Dr. Springfield at our seat to watch the bags.  I also tasked her with calling All-Star (where our one day reservation had just gone unfulfilled), just to see what they could offer.  Being on the other end of the terminal I could not hear what she was saying, but I could definitely SEE how she was saying it.  She told me that she got nothing.  Truth be told, I had doubts as to whether Dr. Springfield was capable of making the best pitch at that moment.  As such, I called myself upon our arrival home.  After apologizing for whatever Dr. Springfield may have said, I proceeded with my pitch.  A very sweet cast member took down my story, and told me to call back when the reservations office opened at 7.  She assured me that they would probably have something for me.

So now Dr. Springfield is asleep in our comfy, comfy bed (until 3AM, at least), and I'm too pumped up on adrenaline and winning to do anything but tell my story.  Should you read this before 6:25 this morning, send us some luck.  I won't feel fully comfortable until I'm in the air.

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