Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ritz Carlton Philadelphia Review

Ritz Carlton Philadelphia Exterior View
Mrs. Lombrowski and I had a chance to spend a night in the Ritz Carlton in Philadelphia this past weekend and I wanted to take the opportunity to share some thoughts on it.  This hotel is located adjacent to the City Hall.  I found the lobby to excellent and quite grand.  On entering, we were greeted with two glasses and champagne.  The lobby was very loud, though.  There was a DJ spinning some horrible Pauly D style music.  This is not the best fit with the scene and I found it to be more-than-a-little off putting.

Ritz Carlton Philadelphia Lobby and Bar Area
For those of you who remember our AAA Diamond Rating discussion, between the curb and the front desk I was hit with five "Mr. Lombrowski's."

The room had an adequate amount of space and was excellently furnished.  For the money, about $450/night, it was small.  The chair in the room was super comfortable.  The bathroom was very impressive and featured a bathtub with a separate shower area.The view from our 12th floor room was excellent though.  We went to bed that night looking at William Penn. 

Ritz Carlton Philadelphia King Size Bed

Ritz Carlton Philadelphia Comfy Reading Chair

View from our room
In all, I found it to be a great hotel.  The location was fantastic.  I would mark it down for service, which wasn't as good as other ones I've stayed at, and price.  In summation, a very good hotel experience at a very high price.

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