Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Some Not-So-Helpful Details About AVATAR Land

A few days ago the NY Times had an article about the battle for theme park supremacy between Disney and Universal/Comcast. 

Given the continued success of the theme parks buseinss for both companies relative to the languishing movie/production business, (to point, the article references WDW's gains relative to the huge losses of John Carter) it makes sense to talk about "what's next" for the big players in the industry. 

James Cameron, in what could have been no more than an off-the-cuff remark, mentioned that AVATAR Land would include a ride that "simulates flight."

OK...this could mean just about anything. Soarin, Peter Pan, Star Tours and Mission Space all simulate flight with varying degrees of success.  None of which, if replicated in AVATARLand as a "headliner"attraction, would really impress me very much.  I am really hoping for some cutting edge technology.  A flight simulator could do that, but Cameron's comments are of absolutely no help. 

Of course, Disney had no comment on the James Cameron's comment so nothing has been clarified.  I am willing to give AVATARLand a chance, despite not being a big fan of the movie franchise, but just a little nugget on what we could expect would be nice.To me, the longer we get no details, the more I believe that Disney doesn't want us to get our hopes up for the $500M expansion. 

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  1. I'm surprised he didn't say it would "simulate explosions," then make explody-sounds with his mouth.