Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Coronado Springs Junior Suite Photos

On my recent trip to the World, I spent a night at the Coronado Springs for the first time.  I did not know what to expect going in, but I left pleasantly surprised.  Check-in was smooth and the front desk staff were very friendly.  I had noted on my reservation that my wife and I were celebrating our Anniversary, and we were greeted with balloons, a complimentary champagne toast, a card from the Coronado staff and a room upgrade to a Junior Suite.  All in all, you could not ask for better service and a better way to start our trip.

I will spend more time about the resort grounds in my next post, but for now I will simply say that the resort is huge, and as a result very quiet almost all day.  Rooms are in large three or four story buildings and the front door to each room is at an angle.  I presume this is to maximize interior space, but someone much more knowledgeable than me can give you a definite answer.

Now for the Junior Suite Photos:

Seating Area

Sink and "Closet"

Bedroom View from Seating Area

Bedroom Area Desk and Chair

Bedroom from Entrance

Wow!  What a great room.  Some hotels give you a few extra square feet of space you don't really need, charge $30 more per night than a standard room and call it a "suite." Not at Coronado.  In fact, the junior suite is simply two rooms connected together.  The rooms were identical in size, had two entrances (one to the bedroom and one to the living area),  While small, one room was a seating area with T.V, coffee table, table and chairs and (most importantly) one of two full bathrooms.  The other was a traditional moderate bedroom. 

The sofa was a fold out bed.  For those who are not too picky about their sleeping arrangements, the Junior Suite would work well for a family of three with a child/teenager who is used to their own space at home. 

Negatives: A non-suite room would be really small, and if you picture with the above bedroom with two full size beds, it is really short on space for a family of four.  The bathrooms are small and the closet area is right next to the sink and not a closet as much as it is a set of hangers in the middle of the room.  This gives you a little bit of a cheap/Motel 6 experience that really doesn't seem to fit with the overall quality of the room and resort.   

That said, Coronado Springs rooms are well appointed and stick to the resort theme pretty well without being too over the top.

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