Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hoop De Doo Review Show Times aka Russ May Be Wrong

It may be time to call myself out a little bit.  For fans of our podcast, you already know I have never really hid my distaste for the Hoop De Doo Review dinner show at Fort Wilderness.   To me, the entertainment was OK, but could never make up for the poor quality of the food.  Your hard earned Disney dining dollars were always better spent elsewhere. 

But...according to WDW Magic, people still really like the show; to the point that Disney is tinkering with show times to please the masses.  On first glance, there may not be much of a take away from the announcement, because they did not add any show times and really just amended the show times slightly so the latest show didn't start at 9 PM or later.  However, the first show each day will be starting at 4 PM!  Disney is convinced that a dinner show will fill up, every night, starting at 4 PM.  I am obviously in the vast minority in my opinions on this place.  I had assumed that Hoop De Doo was playing to half full restaurants at the early show, but if it is getting pushed even earlier based on guest response, it must be a hit.

You can check out the prices here.  Still quite the investment, but you obviously can't argue with the popularity. 

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