Friday, June 22, 2012

Kip's Trip Report: Hotel Room Photos

Sorry, I'm a little late in posting these.  But as promised, here are my rooms in the World.

In all honesty, the Dolphin was a beautiful hotel.  I think it loses a little up against the other deluxe hotels that are run by Disney; they just lack a little of that attention to detail that makes Disney so successful.  My advice: if you're looking to book at the Dolphin, book early and go for the King-Balcony room.  These rooms account for only 3% of the Dolphin's inventory, but just look at these pictures.

I apologize for the mess.  Dr. Springfield took a quick nap as soon as we got there.

Balcony #1

Balcony #2 (and it's covered)

Here you can see the two windows.
The view from balcony #2.  It's washed out on the photo, but Spaceship Earth is on the horizon.
Then we moved on to the Yacht Club.  As much as we enjoyed the Dolphin, we were blown away by the Yacht Club.  Russ tells me that we technically had a "garden view," but I saw enough water for my taste!

I want to decorate my house like this.

The view from our balcony.

A tighter shot of our view.

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