Thursday, June 14, 2012

Response to Walt Disney World Ticket Increases

One of the hot button topics raging through cyberspace and my feed on Facebook is the recent ticket price increase.  We'll be discussing the topic in an upcoming episode.  Prior to the news, our next episode tangentially discusses the topic under the umbrella of guest satisfaction.  Specifically, Kip and I riff on the off base expectations of uninformed consumers.  In the episode, I reference an article from Consumerist where I was amused by commentators reaction to price increases in Anaheim.  Here's a good example from someone named "Cat":

If only I could convince the wife and kids that Disney is a ripoff and bad value. Mrs. Cat insists that we HAVE to go, because it's Disney - and EVERYONE should go to Disney World at least once in their life, right??
My BIL took his daughter to Knotts Berry Farm for half the price of Disney World and they had a much better time. Most importantly, Disney is 2x the price to stand in line 2x as long. Oh, and did I mention that my son isn't even 2, Mrs. Cat won't go on any rides that are too scary, and neither will my youngest daughter. She even freaked out on the merry-go-round at the zoo last year!
So, yea, lets blow $ thousands that we don't have to stand in line all day, and get our pictures taken with a mouse.
 There are a lot of things that are off-base here which we have covered in-depth.  It is helpful to keep in mind that there is life outside the fanboy bubble and that some consumers can be incredibly ill-informed.  

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