Thursday, July 5, 2012

Disney Dolphin AAA Rate

As frequent show listeners know, I'm helping send my parents down to the World to celebrate their 35th anniversary.  Back in December 2011, we booked an 8 night stay at the Dolphin with a AAA rate for $192/night.  About three months ago, I decided to check again and got an even lower AAA rate for $168/night.  That felt pretty good and I kinda forgot to check the last few months.

In an effort to feed my own addiction, I started pricing out what it would cost for me to take our daughter down for the weekend that my parents are there.  It didn't work out due to scheduling issues with Mrs. Lombrowski, but I did discover a few interesting things.  First, you can get a Grand Suite, which is sweet, for $300ish a night.  More importantly, the Dolphin was available during my aborted stay for $132/night.  I called for my parents and was able to apply that AAA rate to their stay.  The whole thing took me about 7 minutes.  The savings was over $300 for the whole trip.  Guess who is going to Yachtsman Steakhouse to celebrate!

The above illustrates the importance of being your own travel agent.  It's good to book early to lock yourself in, but you have to follow up on this stuff, my lovelies.  Same goes for airfare and car rentals.  What really amazed me is that we were able to secure these better-than-Pop Century rates during peak season for a deluxe.  Happy hunting.

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