Thursday, July 26, 2012

Disney Dolphin Resort View

In the most recent episode, we discussed my parents trip to the World and some fantastic gift ideas.  At base, we were discussing ways to "plus" trips for loved ones who are on vacation.  My wife's brilliant idea was to upgrade my parents from a standard view to a resort view.  The total cost was about $400 for 8 nights.  For an additional $400, we could have got them a resort view with a balcony.

On the episode, I did mention that it was a bit of pain to set up.  Mrs. Lombrowski had to call the hotel and get the price.  Then the hotel sent her an e-mail invoice (for want of a better term) where she provided her credit card info and e-mailed it back to the hotel.  The bigger hassle was when her credit card was charged last week for the WHOLE FREAKIN HOTEL COST!  A quick call got the problem resolved, but it was a serious WTF?!?!?!?! moment.  Either way, my parents loved it.

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