Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Disney Marketing Strikes Again-Food Scented Air Fresheners

Air Freshener Sample

Disney announced that they will begin selling air fresheners with scents from WDW in the near future.  Now you can take the Top Ten Smells from Disney World home with you!

As we have said many times before...Disney can vend.  At least they are targeting (or would appear to be targeting) hardcore Disney fans with this merchandise.  Although, you have to wonder how a chocolate covered ice cream bar in the shape of Mickey Mouse's head has a distinct "Disney" smell. 

My votes for additioanl scents would be for the lobby at the Polynesian or the smell of Rome burning on Spaceship Earth.

Or, Disney could start a "musk" line of colognes that bottle that oh-so-familiar smell of the water from Pirates of the Caribbean.


  1. Disney could easily do (and be a sucker who would purchase) the Main Street Bakery cookie scent. I would also love the soapy, clean scent of the Yacht Club lobby, the sweet smell of pineapple dole whip, funnel cake on the Boardwalk, Kona coffee, and definitely the Poly lobby.

    1. All great suggestions. Running with the Main Street Bakery, I would enjoy the cinnamon roll.