Thursday, July 5, 2012

Things Disney Doesn't Have to Do

After work a few evenings ago, I walked down to the street to get the day's mail.  Among the bills and the magazine, there was a brightly-colored envelope.  I expected it was an ad encouraging me to return to Disneyland, or a flyer for the latest hotel promotion.  Instead, all that was inside was a card.

Here's the card, attached to my refrigerator.
In case you cannot read the message, it says, "From all your Disney pals, we hope you created magical memories during your visit to Walt Disney World Resort in 2012."

This is exactly the sort I thing that I find most enchanting about Disney.  It's such a small gesture: a few cents worth of ink, card stock, and the stamp, but it says so much.  It says that I am welcome, that my company (and not just my money) are appreciated there.

Whether you want to argue that that is true or not, they took a step to make feel that way.  And really, they did not have to.

Growing up, my mother was always telling me to mind my manners.  "Say 'please' and 'thank you.'"  "Send a thank you note to your aunt for your birthday present."  It's nice to think that the people working at WDW had moms that instilled the same principles.

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