Thursday, July 12, 2012

Walt Disney World 2013 Hotel Rates Now Available Online

Finally!  As of yesterday, guests can now book their hotel reservations on-line for 2013.  As podcast listeners know, I've in the midst of planning a big family vacation for January 2013.  For the last two months or so, my morning ritual has been to go on and try to get book a room online.  I would get the same frustrating error message each morning:  Your dates must be at least one day in the future.  (Because invalid dates automatically pop up as today.)

I do not have the words to express how infuriating this was.  The 180 day window for my ADRs hit last Friday.  I finally had to break down and call Disney Reservations to book a room at Pop Century as placeholder.  How stupid is that?  It's 2012.  I can book a whole trip to Africa with nothing but my iPhone's safari browser, but I had to call and work my way through 17 voice prompts to book a freaking room.

WDW needs to get better at this stuff.  This includes realistic park hours with an idea of what the Extra Magic Hours will be.  How can I plan my ADRs if I don't know this stuff?

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