Monday, August 20, 2012

Episode 65 -- Ruminations on Dutch's Trip and Hotels

Dutch is going to the World in January 2013 and has some updates.  They include some news on the Dolphin Grand Suite, how nice it is to look at  floorplans, frustration with ADRs and not having park hours.  There's also some news on JetBlue coming to Providence.  The show closes with some hotel discussions based on the team's new life circumstances.

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  1. Thank you. We appreciate feedback of any kind, but we LOVE positive feedback.

  2. Weird to comment this twice, but I was listening to a past episode where there was a question on if you could get a fastpass in one park while within cool down period for a pass from another park. The answer was yes four years. For some reason, my family decided to tempt fate, and it worked.

  3. Funny you mention that. At a cookout yesterday, we were all talking about Russ' attempt at four headliners in one day. I could see this tip being pretty helpful with that scenario. Especially with Russ' decision to leave Epcot after getting a Soarin FastPass. I think that it is Episode 53.