Thursday, August 30, 2012

NYT's Why Waiting in Line is Torture

Alex Stone of the New York Times recently wrote an article about why waiting in line is the worst.  Much like we did in Episode 56, a lot of great insight is shared on what makes waiting painful and what can help ease the pain.  Here's an excerpt for flavor:

Professors Carmon and Kahneman have also found that we are more concerned with how long a line is than how fast it’s moving. Given a choice between a slow-moving short line and a fast-moving long one, we will often opt for the former, even if the waits are identical. (This is why Disney hides the lengths of its lines by wrapping them around buildings and using serpentine queues.)
Not a lot of new ground, but I haven't seen it elsewhere in the WDW blogosphere.  If the article interests you even a little, you should listen to the ep.  Russ did some great work on that one.

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  1. At the grocery store, I tend to overestimate wait based on how full a cart in front of me is rather than the number of people in line. That express line always "seems" so much quicker...