Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rev Your Engines: Be Our Guest Restuarant ADRs

The interweb exploded today with everyone screaming "ADRs ARE COMING!"  Twitter, every blog and Facebook.  Every single was clogged with shouts of "AUGUST 20th."  The skinny is available at  They also have the menu items that have been floating around as well.

There are times when my Disney fandom seems weird.  Today is one of them.  As excited as I am for expansion and a new dining option in the Kingdom, I think we should all probably keep it in our pants until we know it is actually going to be any good.

My suggestion today is go to the Disney Food Blog and study up on restaurants that we know are good.  Also, you can look at some of AJ's food porn.

1 comment:

  1. Good on you Dutch. There is no denying that MK NEEDS the dining option, but there is absolutely no reason to believe it won't be standard theme park eats in a well themed setting. Prove us wrong Disney!