Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Disney Resort Specific Merchandise Available

This article over at DIS Unplugged is a few months old, but the information in it is worth a look.

For years, Disney enthusiasts (myself included) have lamented the homogenization of merchandise across the all of WDW with the possible exception of World Showcase.  The MMOM crew also believes that once you Disney takes away a service/item/experience that you like, you are very unlikely to get it back. 

So after several years, I am really happy to see resort specific items coming back to the resort gift shops.  Frankly, it gives people a reasons to actually visit the gift shops in the first place, so it stands to be a financial win for Disney anyway, and let's not pretend that profit doesn't factor in the decision 

Now I know that a Yacht Club T-shirt priced at $19.99 is "maybe" a bit more than I would like, and yes, I am aware that I can probably just "get if from Amazon" but there is something different about getting it there and wearing it around WDW that makes it fun. 

You couple this with the return and popularity of some of the retro EPCOT T-shirts and merchandise and you almost get the feeling that Disney listens to their biggest fans.  Well, maybe not....

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