Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dutch's WDW Diet

Well, kiddies.  Dutch thinks that it's about truth time.  From the very beginning of this podcast/mission, I've known that I would need to get in a better place physically in order to do the Ultimate Magic Kingdom Touring Plan.  Unfortunately, Dutch hasn't been on point so far.

I was just a couple of lbs. over 300 hundred when we started this venture.  In the last fifteen months or so, I've ballooned up to 342lbs.  Yikes.  The biggest factor has been work and the lack of healthy options around there.  We're also +1 in the kid department which has sucked up all of my free time.  Those are just excuses though.  Mostly, I friggin love to eat.

Either way, it is time for a change.  In addition to completing the Ultimate Magic Kingdom Tour, I'd also like to be around for my kids in the future.  It's kind of a 1 and 1A situaish.  So here are my goals between now and October 2013:

1.)  Lose 100lbs.:  This sounds extreme, but it is very doable for a guy of my size.  I can usually knock 10lbs off in a week if I just abstain from Coke Zero.  I'm so big, I think it's doable.
2.)  Be able to maintain a 16-minute mile pace for one hour on the tread mill.:  This one is simple.  For our mission, I will be have to go extended distances and not get winded.  I'm basing the pace on what it would take to not get swept in the WDW Marathon.
3.)  Nail a 10-minute mile.:  This one is a looooong strech, but something to shoot for.  Due to my super structure, my max speed is about 4.5 mph.  Going at that speed makes me want to die.  This give me something real to shoot for though.
4.)  Five Days/Week:  Gym or exercise five days per week.
5.)  To keep myself interested, I've promised myself that if I can get to 280lbs, I get a three day trip out of the deal.  Woot.

I've already started about a week ago and I'm done 5lbs.  (That means my current weight is 337.  Even with family in town and a calorie surge this weekend.  I meant to post this last week, but I've been kicking it around in my head.)  Real life has interfered a bit (nagging foot issue), but I'll be hitting it hard this weekend.  I'll be posting updates bi-weekly and hope to have some news for you. 

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