Monday, October 15, 2012

A Food and Wine Alternative

Fans of WDW already know that the Swan and Dolphin are not "Disney owned" properties and are operated by Starwood/Westin and Sheraton respectively.  As such, while they inherently need Disney and its various world class attractions to survive, there are nonetheless battles at times for guest attention particularly for dining supremacy.

MMOM Podcast listeners probably know that a few of the nicer restaurants we are fans of at the Swan and Dolphin.  They serve  as a nice change of pace from Disney cuisine and some of my more surprisingly good meals came from places like Il Mulino and Blue Zoo.

Well, in an effort to compete with the Food and Wine Festival, the Swan and Dolphin have their own (albeit much smaller) version to promote their unique food and drink.  In fact, they just hosted the 3rd annual "Food and Wine Classic"

It actually seems like it could be pretty entertaining.  There are a few celebrity chefs (like Todd English), seminars and ample food and wine to sample.  Plates of food and drink are of similar cost to the food and wine festival, and there are even seminars to learn about wine, beer and "mixology."

Either way, having options is always a good thing.

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