Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Splash Mountain Refurb Announced

In our most recent episode, we discussed some of the issues with Splash Mountain's overall condition and maintenance,  especially considering what a critical attraction it is to ensuring a great day at the Magic Kingdom.   Dutch noted that the 'ol girl was starting to show her age with many of the best effects and animatronics often not operating properly. We have even suggested that the removal of Splash Mountain from the Extra Magic Hours lineup was to save the attraction from additional guest abuse, even if it was just for three hours once or twice a week.

Well, Disney recently announced that Splash Mountain will undergo an approximate six week rehab from early February to mid/late March.  Obviously the length of time would suggest a bit more than normal housekeeping (which is often one or two weeks tops).  Hopefully the broken effects will be fixed and it gets the little bit of attention a headliner needs.

What would you hope to see the refurbishment accomplish?

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