Monday, January 28, 2013

Episode 88 -- Dutch Seeking Answers

Dutch breaks down how his trip went.  High/lowlights include Seek 2013, Centre Care, staying on points, character meet and greets, and the Fantasyland expansion.

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  1. Great show, but you guys might want to look up the term "racist" implies hate and should not be used to replace "racially insensitive or stereotypical"...Tepan Edo and Handy Manny are nowhere near "racist"

    1. Point taken. If you listen to our earlier episodes, you'll also hear that we needed to look up the term "hipster," which we used as an analog for "anyone we don't like."

      Thanks for listening and commenting!

    2. Well I agree with the "hipster" use...there's nothing likable or positive about those people.