Thursday, July 4, 2013

Episode 111 -- Stats are for nerds

This week Team MMOM introduce themselves by discussing lessons of how the statistical revolution in sports like baseball can inform thoughtful analysis of trip planning and discussion of all thing WDW.  The New Wheel turns on Sofia the First taking on a bigger role at the Studios, the death of room service in New York City, and a tweet from @tom_bricker on reduced EMH in the Magic Kingdom.  Dutch has the Backpage.

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  1. Recently found you through the Touring Plans network and I must say I'm impressed! I work in the tourism industry, and research and stats are of significant interest to me. I think that is where I get my love of Disney - the sheer volume of data that must used to develop such a marketing mecca has to be outstanding. I love hearing your take on all things Disney, and find myself nodding along to many of your comments. I'm looking forward to hearing more in the coming months.

    1. Thanks Jaime! We really appreciate the feedback. What first got me excited about Len's work was his use of data and ability to communicate his findings and analyses to WDW consumers. Thanks for listening and don't be a stranger.