Thursday, July 18, 2013

Episode 113 -- Waiting is the Hardest Part

Team MMOM discusses all aspects of waiting in line this week. Armed with David Maister’s The Psychology of Waiting in Lines, Kip, Russ and Dutch tackle what Disney does right, what needs to be fixed, and the science of waiting. Kip has the Backpage.

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  1. Since I discovered you guys on the TouringPlans network, you're now my favorite podcast. I have been going back and listening to your older posts. My wife and I are Disney veterans and now plan our trips from an epicurean and mixologist's view your discussions are quite interesting. Not to mention, the articulate speech, well-conceived arguments, and intolerance for whiny people are very refreshing. Please don't stop! By the way, I haven't heard you guys mention Bull&Bear in the Bonnet Creek is fantastic and rivals V&A as best on property. Give it a try on your next trip.

  2. Thanks Keith. Love the tip. People never, ever talk about what's going on over at the Waldorf. Officially on the list.

    Just as an FYI, the original show originally did have an 'explicit' tag. We didn't say anything particularly awful or off color, but we didn't want young ears to stumble on it. Hope you continue to like what you find!

    1. As a Scotch lover, you will particularly enjoy Bull&Bear. Thanks