Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Episode 127 -- Mousetrapped

Mousetrapped discussion on seeing how the sausage is made, would you want to live this life, how would you kill time in the World without cash or a pass, and more.  Listener questions include a romantic dinner with Lou, a HuffPo October Preview, and a follow up on the future of travel agents.

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  1. Recently found you guys and you entertain me while I'm on the road. thanks!

    While I haven't read this particular book, I can speak to the question you posed to each other about allowing your own children to participate in a similar program. CP ice cream wagon a long LONG time ago at MK. It IS sort of a buzz kill, but at 20, I could afford to take a short time during college to travel down and have that once in a lifetime experience. The park tickets made all the difference and the weather once we got through October was thankfully forgiving. Many of my fellow cp DID get sucked into the disney bubble and extend. I'll admit it was tempting (particularly in January- I am from boston), but having just worked the holidays I was out of pixie dust &anxious to get home. I worked so much overtime in december, but the mouse and I parted amicably. Though it has absolutely nothing to do with my current career, it is still the most asked about line on my résumé. With time and distance I sometimes ask myself why I left!

    I said I wouldn't go back until I had children of my own and I didn't, but with them I am now right back in- wallet first this time. The backstage knowledge doesn't spoil it for me because the magic is still there for them. Wish I had been 21 though, that sure was bad planning.