Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Episode 130 -- Kip Trip Highlghts and Listener Questions

Kip is back from the World and has some observations from his trip on dining with little ones, dealing with illness while on vacation, and a private party at Hollywood Studios.  The team also tackles listener notes on chafing, customer sevice, the College Program and traveling with a three year old.

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  1. Couple tips: For Russ, if you drink a shot of Fernet Branca, then you don't need Pepcid, Zantac, etc. For Dutch, put away the Monkey Butt and get you some Body Glide. Distance runners use it to prevent chafing, and it is designed to withstand sweat and physical activity. And Kip, I too share in your endeavor to eat as many creatures as possible. Regarding the new Cali Grill, we were there last week and had the Omakase was outstanding. The chef created 13 special courses for us, and we really enjoyed the new atmosphere. The new windows are a definite improvement as well as the new layout. Before closing, it had become a day care-esque atmosphere rather than a fine dining experience. Also, the view of Wishes from the new observation deck is a tremendous experience....much better than the other. BTW I love the sense of humor on the show!