Thursday, February 27, 2014

Episode 145 -- Bad Reviews of Bad Reviews

Sometimes people have poorly formed opinions.  Sometimes people put them on the internet.  Sometimes we read them on the air and see if there's anything of merit there.  Hilarity ensues.

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  1. Love the concept of this show episode, though I wish you guys dug deeper in the way wackier critiques of the World. There are so many hilarious, off-base rants on the fanboy sites that I think could fill a weekly podcast (Hmm...that gives me an idea.)

    That being said, I wanted to address the Rose and Crown/Illuminationa critique. I was in the World with family and friends in December and we mapped out the same strategy: we made an 8:00 pm ADR with the hopes of being seated outside with a view of Illuminations at 9:30. Well, we got our outdoor table, but it was one under the awning and away from rail, making for an impossible view. Needless to say, I was bummed.

    That disappointment quickly turned into elation when our server told us that at 9:15 we could be escorted to the restaurant's private fireworks viewing area down below. What?????? Who knew? As promised, as we were finishing dessert, we were brought down to a platform down below with a perfect view of the show. Brilliant.

    Thanks for providing great content week in and week out. :)

    @HoCoHowie on Twitter