Thursday, March 6, 2014

Episode 146 -- The Penitent Man reads from the Listener Interaction Satchel

"The penitent man shall pass...if he has a FP+ during his allocated return window."
This week the teams unloads some message from the Listener Interaction Satchel.  Topics include an Indiana Jones idea or two, a thought experiment on what it would take to never go to WDW ever again, the WWE Network, a Hercules dark ride, getting laid off while on vacation, what podcasts we like or don't like, breast feeding and more.

Download Episode 146


  1. Having trouble downloading this episode.

  2. Hey Brett:

    Just re-uploaded the link and it's working here. Looks like it's on iTunes as well. If you have any other problems, always feel free to contact via comment or at Thanks for letting me know.

  3. Hey guys, here are my beer suggestions
    1) A Snow Whitbeer? Perhaps utilizing Seven hops?
    2) You could make a "Voices of Liberty" ale, utilizing Liberty hops.
    3) A cream stout, served over ice, called "Disco Yeti"