Thursday, April 17, 2014

Episode 152 -- Crescent Lake Leveled

This week the team plays Level It, Keep It, More of It with the Crescent Lake Hotels.  Listener Interaction Satchel includes discussion on FP+ kiosks, just how flexible can FP+ be, Dutch's shame, and more.  We also do 3 Good Minutes on the American Adventure with Dutch's list of Great Americans and how we'd fix FastPass +.

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  2. Hey Men: There's a fatal flaw in the otherwise good concept of changing Blizzard Beach to a Frozen theme: Each of the water parks is closed for a month or two each winter. Usually, one park will be closed for a month or two at the end of the year and the other will be closed at the beginning of the year. It's doubtful Disney would want something as high profile as a Frozen area to be open any less than 365 days a year to maximize merchandise sales and minimize guest disappointment.

    And regarding Kip's idea to combine the old Fastpass system into Fastpass Plus, that sounds like exactly what's happening with the recent announcement that guests can get additional fastpasses at kiosks after they've used up their scheduled allotment. I'm interested to see how Touring Plans adapts to this. Seems like this will make it counter-productive to schedule anything late in the day or evening. It will also be interesting to see how park-hopping is handled. Park #2 or #3 may be kiosk-only passes.