Monday, May 19, 2014

Dutch Rulings Part 4

1. How far out does the sphere go surrounding a hotel? Does it included the immediate area or is anything past the walls view only like a holodeck?

For example, the Beach Club. Does it include Crescent Lake? The walkway around the lake? Does it include the pier and lighthouse or is that Yacht Club's? Also, who gets Stormalong Bay?

Another example, the Poly. Does it include 7 Seas lagoon? Is there such thing as a theme park view there?

DUTCH RULING:  The promenade may be enjoyed by all of the Crescent Lake hotels.  The lighthouse is shared by Yacht and Beach as is Stormalong Bay.  As in the views at Shades of Green, the views of the 7 Seas Lagoon or any body of water are included with any hotel that has said view. 

In no way, does this allow you to piggy back a hotel/restaurant view onto a theme park attraction/experience.  For instance, you cannot draft an outdoor table at Rose and Crown with a 8:45pm ADR to get credit for Illuminations. 

2. Do DVC count separately? Obviously SSR and OKW count as separate entities, but some have separate buildings but the same check-in (like WL/VWL and, I think, CR/BLT) while some have completely separate lobbies (like AKL/Kidani). Obviously OKW and SSR cound

DUTCH RULING:  DVC count separately, but only to the extent that they have a distinct check in.  If you are drafting a hotel/dvc that has a shared check-in, you may specify which you are claiming and take the hotel that shares a check-in desk with it off the board as well. For example, drafting the Beach Club Villas would make the Beach Club unavailable to the other competitors.


  1. For everyone's interest, here are the DVC's that share a check-in with their mother resort:

    - Bay Lake Tower / Contemporary
    - Beach Club Villas / Beach Club
    - Boardwalk Villas / Boardwalk Inn
    - Treehouse Villas / Saratoga Springs
    - Villas at Wilderness Lodge / Wilderness Lodge

    The two that have separate check-ins are:

    - Kidani Village
    - Grand Floridian Villas

  2. Wow...that's very sporting of you, Brian. You're a mensch.