Friday, May 16, 2014

MMOM Attraction Draft Rules

Mighty Men of Mouse – 2014 Attraction Draft


1.  All rules and guidelines must be accepted by the participants as a condition of participation in the Mighty Men of Mouse 2014 Attraction Draft.
2. The Attraction Draft shall consist of no more than 11 participants.  All team names must incorporate the participant’s name/show/blog/internet shtick in some manner. Team names should be communicated to Dutch prior to the draft.
3. There is no prize offered for winning.
4. You must have a Google username to participate in the Attraction Draft, which will take place in a “Google Hangout.” The “Google Hangout” session will be initiated by Dutch Lombrowski. You must submit your username to Dutch Lombrowski prior to the draft.
5. Dutch is the Commissioner.  Should any disputes arise during the draft, Dutch will rule on the matter. His decision is final.  He will not be a draft competitor.

The Challenge

Premise:  We are drafting to build the perfect theme park day for a family of four (4).  The family consists of two adults and two children who meet the height requirements for all attractions and age requirement for any restaurant (hint, hint).  Assume that the family will do all attractions together and will enjoy doing so.  You will also be selecting their lodging and three (3) meals.  The winner shall be determined by the Commissioner based on how effectively each participant drafts the most enjoyable day for the family.

Draft Order: Attractions shall be drafted using with snake rules.  Draft order shall be determined no later than Monday.   The order of selection shall be determined by Kentucky Derby Style draft slotting (Google it.  It’s awesome.) with order of preference determined by who signed up for the draft first.  Dutch will contact each competitor to get their preference. 

Draft Night:

1.     Dutch will initiate a “Google Hangout” at/around 8:15 PM on May 21st 2014.  
2.     Dutch will announce when the draft is starting and may temporarily suspend the draft at his discretion.
3.     Chatter is welcome in the chat room, but we’ll need to differentiate it from picks.
4.     Picks shall be made in the following manner:  <YOUR TEAM NAME> PICK: <Your selection. Please ensure your team name is in caps.
5.     30 seconds maximum per pick.
6.     Dutch will send out the final draft order prior to the draft, make sure you know who is immediately before and after you in the draft order.

Rosters:  You must draft nine (9) attractions/experiences/shows/spectaculars from within the four (4) Walt Disney World parks, one (1) hotel in Walt Disney World (DVC and Swan and Dolphin count, DTD hotels don’t), and a breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Failure to draft one of the above will result in an illegal roster and disqualification from the competition.

What can be drafted:

·      All current and historical attractions and experiences within the four Walt Disney World parks are eligible to be drafted. 
·      The Seven Dwarfs Mine train is not eligible. 
·      Once an attraction is drafted you, no other competitor may draft that attraction. 
·      If a historical attraction is drafted, the attraction that replaced it is draftable ONLY if it is a different theme or concept.  For instance: both Horizons and Mission Space may be drafted, but Star Tours can be drafted only once.
·      Experiences can be anything.  Experiences can cost money.  Things like the Shootin’ Arcade or Bibbi Bobbidi Boutique are eligible.
·      Once any meal is drafted at restaurant, that restaurant cannot be drafted by any other competitor. For example, if Russ selects Crystal Palace for breakfast, it is unavailable to all other competitor for lunch and dinner.
·      If you draft a specific meal at a restaurant, you cannot draft that same meal for another restaurant.  Put another way, you only get one breakfast, lunch or diner. 

Are you guys ripping off WDW Today?  Nope, we did this a while ago.  They ripped US off.  Not really.  But totally.

The hashtag for the draft is #mmomdraft.  We won’t be tweeting every pick, but we’ll be throwing some stuff out there.  Feel free to do whatever makes you happy.

Draft:  May 21, 2014 at 8:15pm

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