Friday, May 16, 2014

MMOM Attraction Draft Rulings

There have been many questions regarding the rules of the draft.  MMOM and Generalissimo Lombrowski welcome questions.  If you are going to play, play to win.  I will answer any questions on the blog up until noon on Wednesday.  I will not answer inquiries privately.  Competitors may hold questions to the draft, but do so at their own peril. Rulings are subject to change based on logical arguments.


One quick question: I assume we can draft seasonal items, such as HalloWishes, but can we draft HalloWishes even if someone has already drafted Wishes?

DUTCH RULING:  No.  Ditto for Illuminations and the holiday/special event tags.  Once a fireworks show has been drafted from a park, no other fireworks display can be drafted from the park.  Exception: Fantasmic doesn’t count as the fireworks show for the Studio (i.e. Sorcery in the Sky or NYE fireworks would still be eligible.)


1. Can I pick a pavilion/building? Example: I pick the Mexico pavilion, do I get the boat ride, restaurant, and La Cava? My suggestion/assumption would be that buildings/pavilions are off the table.

DUTCH RULING: No.  A competitor may NOT squat on an entire pavilion/building.  Three Caballeros and La Cava are separate experiences.  If there are two elements to the attraction that share a queue, the two shall be considered the same attraction (i.e. Maelstrom and Norway film; different stages of the old Backstage Tour).  Any store or experience within a pavilion are draftable. 

2. Also, if I pick something like Agent P's thing, is it just assumed that it gets slotted into my park wherever and I don't get all the pavilions with it?

DUTCH RULING: Yes.  Extinct attraction rules also apply to these experiences.  Drafting of Agent P would foreclose the drafting of Kim-possible.

3. For resorts, do we get the dining/bars with it or just the hotel?

DUTCH RULING:  If a hotel is drafted, the drafting competitor receives the rights to the whole grounds of the hotel EXCEPT the restaurants within and the bars that are attached/near to a restaurant.  If a bar is not attached/near a restaurant AND does not have a distinct food menu, it is part of the hotel’s ground.  A bar not attached/near a restaurant with its own menu is its own restaurant.


Bellevue Lounge is part of the Boardwalk Resort;
Tambu Lounge is part of Ohana;
Crew’s Cup Lounge is a distinct restaurant;
The Dawa Bar is a distinct attraction within the Animal Kingdom.

4. Restaurants, do characters come with them where applicable?

DUTCH RULING:  Yes.  Note: if you select a restaurant for a meal, the presence of characters at the meal is dependent on the character’s availability during that meal at the restaurant.  For instance, the Crystal Palace will have characters during all three meals of the day.  If drafted, Tusker House may only have characters during breakfast and lunch.  Competitors are encouraged to suggest ADR times for any restaurant drafted at the time they are drafted.


  1. Are there 11 participants? Not that I'm going to start mock-drafting or anything...

  2. Another question (I'm the worst): Can any character meet be chosen or only the one's with posted waits (like Fairytale Hall or Town Square)?

    Also, can we pick "Fairytale Hall" or do we have to specify which side (they are different queues)?

  3. I need to do some serious cramming.

  4. Oh, and can a team name mock Lou Mongello? Asking for a friend.