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BIG BOARD for Fall 2014 Draft

BIG BOARD after the jump....
Pick Teamname Pick Notes
1-1(1) Made with Magic Bay Lake Towers Grand Villa; MK view
1-2(2) Team Tourism Report Animal Kingdom Lodge Asante Suite
1-3(3) Foolish Mortals Polynesian Resort Pre-construction, King K Suite
1-4(4) Experiment 627 Tower of Terror  
1-5(5) Citrus Swirl Orange Birds Contemporary Theme park view
1-6(6) Dole Whip My Hair Splash Mountain  
1-7(7) Pete's Silly Sh"uh-oh" Show Toy Story Midway Mania  
1-8(8) Team Jenifurby Expedition Everest After Dark
1-9(9) Journey into Refrig w/Elsa Kilamenjaro Safari AM and PM rides
1-10(10) Kivus and Butthead HalloWishes  
1-11(11) Worst.Team. Name. Ever. Space Mountain  
1-12(12) Mongello Pudding Pops Beach Club Newport Presidential Suite
1-13(13) Echo Lake ReviewMasters Boardwalk Steeplechase Suite
1-14(14) Wescot Soarin Opening day w/P. Warburton
1-15(15) Rock 'n' Smolder Coaster Grand Floridian Villas Room 1601, 
1-16(16) Gonzo's Hard Tickets Yacht Club Captain's Deck Suite, Club Level
1-17(17) SpaceKip Earth Illuminations Holiday tag
1-18(18) Spanish Monorail Warning Spaceship Earth 1999 -- no wand
1-19(19) Garcon's Tavern Rock 'n' Roller Coaster  
1-20(20) Disneyland Fanboys Victoria & Albert's Chef Table with wine pairings
1-21(21) Blind Man's Dream Thunder Mountain Nighttime, last row
1-22(22) Frozenstrom Wild Africa Trek 8AM; first one in the morning
2-1(23) Frozenstrom Hoop Dee Doo Revue 6:15pm seating, Category 1
2-2(24) Blind Man's Dream Dolphin 2 BR Pres Suite
2-3(25) Disneyland Fanboys Fantasmic Dessert Party
2-4(26) Garcon's Tavern Pirates of the Caribbean No Depp, pre-PC changes
2-5(27) Spanish Monorail Warning SpectroMagic  
2-6(28) SpaceKip Earth MuppetVision 3D  
2-7(29) Gonzo's Hard Tickets Haunted Mansion  
2-8(30) Rock 'n' Smolder Coaster Keys to the Kingdom Tour  
2-9(31) Wescot Wilderness Lodge Yellowstone Pres Ste, Xmas time
2-10(32) Echo Lake ReviewMasters Symphony in the Stars Star Wars Weekends
2-11(33) Mongello Pudding Pops Fairy Tale Hall w/Anna Elsa When they were together
2-12(34) Worst.Team. Name. Ever. Test Track  Day and night
2-13(35) Kivus and Butthead Seven Dwarfs Mine Train AM/PM Front/Back
2-14(36) Journey into Refrig w/Elsa Osborne Fam Spec of Lights Presented by Siemens
2-15(37) Team Jenifurby Cinderella's Royal Table 8AM breakfast
2-16(38) Pete's Silly Sh"uh-oh" Show Kidani Village Grand Villa, Savanna view
2-17(39) Dole Whip My Hair Kali River Rapids  
2-18(40) Citrus Swirl Orange Birds Chef Mickeys breakfast View of 7 Seas Lagoon
2-19(41) Experiment 627 Alien Encounter ExtraTERRORestrial Encounter
2-20(42) Foolish Mortals Peter Pan's Flight  
2-21(43) Team Tourism Report DiveQuest  
2-22(44) Made with Magic Crystal Palace 8AM, no hub construction
3-1(45) Made with Magic Countdown to Extinction Opening day
3-2(46) Team Tourism Report Grand 1 Yacht Dinner, mid-summer sunset
3-3(47) Foolish Mortals Jungle Cruise 1978 NO LASSETER
3-4(48) Experiment 627 MK Welcome Show Family of the Day
3-5(49) Citrus Swirl Orange Birds California Grill 8:30pm ADR
3-6(50) Dole Whip My Hair Star Tours: The Adv Cont 54 rides, rebel spy every time
3-7(51) Pete's Silly Sh"uh-oh" Show Great Movie Ride  
3-8(52) Team Jenifurby Sci Fi Dine In Breakfast Star Wars Galactic Dine In
3-9(53) Journey into Refrig w/Elsa Candlelight Processional NPH
3-10(54) Kivus and Butthead Tusker House breakfast 8AM, tots and Mickey Waffles
3-11(55) Worst.Team. Name. Ever. Backstage Magic Tour  
3-12(56) Mongello Pudding Pops Harambe Nights Lion King Concert in the Wild Narrated by Viola Davis
3-13(57) Echo Lake ReviewMasters Akershus Royal Banquet Hall Breakfast
3-14(58) Wescot Festival of the Lion King Kids picked to participate
3-15(59) Rock 'n' Smolder Coaster Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin Family tourney, 6 total rides
3-16(60) Gonzo's Hard Tickets Horizons Opening day
3-17(61) SpaceKip Earth Mission Space (Orange)  
3-18(62) Spanish Monorail Warning Spirit of Aloha Dinner Cat 1 seating
3-19(63) Garcon's Tavern Jiko and Wanamaya Safari dinner
3-20(64) Disneyland Fanboys Finding Nemo: The Musical  
3-21(65) Blind Man's Dream Sum of All Thrils 4 rides, everyone designs
3-22(66) Frozenstrom Body Wars 1989 opening day
4-1(67) Frozenstrom Journey into Imagination 1983 original
4-2(68) Blind Man's Dream Yachtsman Steakhouse  
4-3(69) Disneyland Fanboys Le Cellier dinner  
4-4(70) Garcon's Tavern Ohana Breakfast  
4-5(71) Spanish Monorail Warning WDW Railroad  
4-6(72) SpaceKip Earth Grand Fiesta Tour 3 Caballeros
4-7(73) Gonzo's Hard Tickets TTA  
4-8(74) Rock 'n' Smolder Coaster Backlot Tour Original
4-9(75) Wescot Under the Sea - Journey of the Little Mermaid  
4-10(76) Echo Lake ReviewMasters Living with the Land 1994 version
4-11(77) Mongello Pudding Pops 20K Leagues Under the Sea First ride ever
4-12(78) Worst.Team. Name. Ever. Treehouse Villas Sarataga Spring  
4-13(79) Kivus and Butthead Jedi Training Academy Both vs Vader
4-14(80) Journey into Refrig w/Elsa Mr. Toad's Wild Ride  
4-15(81) Team Jenifurby Tomorrowland Speedway 2 rides
4-16(82) Pete's Silly Sh"uh-oh" Show Celebrate the Magic  
4-17(83) Dole Whip My Hair Kona Café breakfast pre-construction
4-18(84) Citrus Swirl Orange Birds Maelstrom Last ride ever
4-19(85) Experiment 627 Mickey's PhilharMagic  
4-20(86) Foolish Mortals Be Our Guest Dinner  
4-21(87) Team Tourism Report Lights Motor Action July 1 2014
4-22(88) Made with Magic It's a Small World  opening day
5-1(89) Made with Magic Carousel of Progress original opening
5-2(90) Team Tourism Report Epcot Daredevil Circus Spectacular View of Regis
5-3(91) Foolish Mortals Snow White's Scary Adventure  
5-4(92) Experiment 627 Swan Presidential Suite
5-5(93) Citrus Swirl Orange Birds Dumbo the Flying Elephant old locus
5-6(94) Dole Whip My Hair Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh  
5-7(95) Pete's Silly Sh"uh-oh" Show Narcoossee's Window seat during Water Pageant
5-8(96) Team Jenifurby Old Key West Grand Villa Near Hospitality House
5-9(97) Journey into Refrig w/Elsa Sanaa  
5-10(98) Kivus and Butthead BIppidi Boppidi Boutique  
5-11(99) Worst.Team. Name. Ever. Brown Derby Lunch with Imagineer John Lassetter?
5-12(100) Mongello Pudding Pops Grand Floridian Café Grand Sandwich 4 all
5-13(101) Echo Lake ReviewMasters Backstage Safari Tour 8:30AM departure
5-14(102) Wescot Festival of Fantasy Honorary Grand Marshal of the Day
5-15(103) Rock 'n' Smolder Coaster Flying Fish Chef's Table
5-16(104) Gonzo's Hard Tickets Boma Breakfast  
5-17(105) SpaceKip Earth American Adventure  
5-18(106) Spanish Monorail Warning Fort Wilderness Campground Resort Summer 1976
5-19(107) Garcon's Tavern World of Motion  
5-20(108) Disneyland Fanboys 1900 Park Fare breakfast  
5-21(109) Blind Man's Dream Trails End lunch  
5-22(110) Frozenstrom Port Orleans Riverside Royal Guest room, river view
6-1(111) Frozenstrom Legends of the Force Hamill, Billy Dee, A. Daniels
6-2(112) Blind Man's Dream Discovery River Boats AM ride
6-3(113) Disneyland Fanboys Beauty and the Beast - Live on stage  
6-4(114) Garcon's Tavern Cranium Command  
6-5(115) Spanish Monorail Warning Mickey's Backyard BBQ dinner
6-6(116) SpaceKip Earth Beaches and Cream lunch  
6-7(117) Gonzo's Hard Tickets Via Napoli lunch
6-8(118) Rock 'n' Smolder Coaster Dolphins in Depth  
6-9(119) Wescot Biergarten Lunch Christmas, front and center
6-10(120) Echo Lake ReviewMasters Primeval Whirl Sundown ride
6-11(121) Mongello Pudding Pops Walt Disney: Marceline to Magic Kingdom Tour  empty main street photos & so my kids will get some appreciation of this damn place
6-12(122) Worst.Team. Name. Ever. SuperStar Television All family members get chosen
6-13(123) Kivus and Butthead Art of Animation Finding Nemo Suite
6-14(124) Journey into Refrig w/Elsa Enchanted Tales with Belle  
6-15(125) Team Jenifurby Flights of Wonder  
6-16(126) Pete's Silly Sh"uh-oh" Show Yuletide Fantasy Tour  
6-17(127) Dole Whip My Hair Monsieur Paul Prix Fix NYE with wine pairings
6-18(128) Citrus Swirl Orange Birds Behind the Steam Trains Tour  
6-19(129) Experiment 627 Who Wants to be a Millionaire-Play It! Playing for a cruise
6-20(130) Foolish Mortals Teppan Edo  
6-21(131) Team Tourism Report Whispering Canyon table near the lobby railing, at Xmas time. Skillets for everyone and no ketchup
6-22(132) Made with Magic Jedi Mickey's at Hollywood and Vine Thanksgiving feast
7-1(133) Made with Magic Liberty Tree Tavern lunch
7-2(134) Team Tourism Report If you had wings Original Orson Wells
7-3(135) Foolish Mortals Barnstormer  
7-4(136) Experiment 627 Skyway  
7-5(137) Citrus Swirl Orange Birds Flame Tree BBQ lunch  
7-6(138) Dole Whip My Hair Ellen's Energy Adventure  
7-7(139) Pete's Silly Sh"uh-oh" Show Cape May Café Easter Menu
7-8(140) Team Jenifurby Garden Grill dinner outer ring
7-9(141) Journey into Refrig w/Elsa Coronado Springs Executive Suite
7-10(142) Kivus and Butthead Ravello at 4 Seasons breakfast Goofy and Friends
7-11(143) Worst.Team. Name. Ever. Citrico's Dinner Chefs Domain
7-12(144) Mongello Pudding Pops Shula's Steakhouse 48oz porterhouse, meat sweats
7-13(145) Echo Lake ReviewMasters Artist Point, dinner  
7-14(146) Wescot Rose & Crown  Christmas menu
7-15(147) Rock 'n' Smolder Coaster Enchanted Tiki Room On August 15, 2011
7-16(148) Gonzo's Hard Tickets Tapestry of Nations opening day
7-17(149) SpaceKip Earth Carribbean Beach Pirate room
7-18(150) Spanish Monorail Warning Tarzan Rocks  
7-19(151) Garcon's Tavern Port Orleans French Quarter Riverview
7-20(152) Disneyland Fanboys Hunchback of Notre Dame show  
7-21(153) Blind Man's Dream Garden Grove Breakfast characters
7-22(154) Frozenstrom Country Bear Jamobree Christmas
8-1(155) Frozenstrom Princess Tea Party booze one
8-2(156) Blind Man's Dream Agent P's World Showcase Adventure  
8-3(157) Disneyland Fanboys Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom   
8-4(158) Garcon's Tavern Lights of Winter  
8-5(159) Spanish Monorail Warning Maharajah Jungle Trek  
8-6(160) SpaceKip Earth Captain's Grill Lobster Omelet and buffet
8-7(161) Gonzo's Hard Tickets Puck Grand Cafe - Dining Room Food and Wine Festival Signature Dinner
8-8(162) Rock 'n' Smolder Coaster Comedy Warehouse Holiday Special  
8-9(163) Wescot Timekeeper  
8-10(164) Echo Lake ReviewMasters Family Magic Tour in Magic Kingdom  2 meet and greets (one with Mickey), a ride, and an adventure
8-11(165) Mongello Pudding Pops Davy Crocket Explorer Canoes Opening day
8-12(166) Worst.Team. Name. Ever. the Living Seas opening day
8-13(167) Kivus and Butthead Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade  
8-14(168) Journey into Refrig w/Elsa Rollickin Raglan Brunch Great Irish Hooley
8-15(169) Team Jenifurby Behind the Seeds  
8-16(170) Pete's Silly Sh"uh-oh" Show House of Blue brunch breakfast
8-17(171) Dole Whip My Hair The Wave lunch  
8-18(172) Citrus Swirl Orange Birds The Contempo Café breakfast
8-19(173) Experiment 627 Bluezoo dinner
8-20(174) Foolish Mortals One Man's Dream  
8-21(175) Team Tourism Report Nine18 breakfast Mother's Day Brunch
8-22(176) Made with Magic Share the Dream WS Segway Tour  
9-1(177) Made with Magic Tom Sawyer's Island  
9-2(178) Team Tourism Report Mad Tea Party May 27, 2007 incident
9-3(179) Foolish Mortals Spirit of Pocahontas  
9-4(180) Experiment 627 Il Mulino dinner
9-5(181) Citrus Swirl Orange Birds Frozen Sing-a-long  
9-6(182) Dole Whip My Hair Epcot Seas Aqua Tour  
9-7(183) Pete's Silly Sh"uh-oh" Show It's Tough to Be A Bug  
9-8(184) Team Jenifurby Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular 1989 volunteer
9-9(185) Journey into Refrig w/Elsa UnDISCOVERed Future World Tour  
9-10(186) Kivus and Butthead Magic of Disney Animation  
9-11(187) Worst.Team. Name. Ever. Covington Mill Character Breakfast Hilton
9-12(188) Mongello Pudding Pops American Idol Experience Opening Day, Carrie Underwood
9-13(189) Echo Lake ReviewMasters Diamond Horseshoe Revue ATTRACTION
9-14(190) Wescot Chefs de France, dinner  
9-15(191) Rock 'n' Smolder Coaster Bull and Bear, Dinner Waldorf Astoria
9-16(192) Gonzo's Hard Tickets Vow Renewals Italy Pavilion  
9-17(193) SpaceKip Earth La Hacienda de San Angel, dinner  
9-18(194) Spanish Monorail Warning 50s Prime Time Café Lunch  
9-19(195) Garcon's Tavern Crew's Cup, Lunch  
9-20(196) Disneyland Fanboys Coral Reef for lunch  
9-21(197) Blind Man's Dream Main Street Bakery, breakfast  
9-22(198) Frozenstrom Yak & Yeti lunch  
10-1(199) Frozenstrom Pangani Forest Trail 1998 with Pumba and Timon and the gerenuk antelope
10-2(200) Blind Man's Dream Pirates League No sweating
10-3(201) Disneyland Fanboys Dream Along with Mickey Castle Show
10-4(202) Garcon's Tavern Legend of the Lion King  
10-5(203) Spanish Monorail Warning Starring Rolls breakfast  
10-6(204) SpaceKip Earth The Fountain lunch  
10-7(205) Gonzo's Hard Tickets Markham's at Golden Oak  Dinner, An Evening at Markham's
10-8(206) Rock 'n' Smolder Coaster Meet Mickey Mouse at Town Square Theatre Twice, first thing and end of trip
10-9(207) Wescot Wilderness Explorers All badges (minus rides)
10-10(208) Echo Lake ReviewMasters Sassagoula Float Works and Food Factory, breakfast  
10-11(209) Mongello Pudding Pops Mikckey Mouse Revue Opening day
10-12(210) Worst.Team. Name. Ever. Fantasia 2014 NYE at World ShowPlace
10-13(211) Kivus and Butthead San Angel Inn Sombrero on Kip's head
10-14(212) Journey into Refrig w/Elsa Colombia Harbour House lunch, surprise proposal
10-15(213) Team Jenifurby Monster Inc Laugh Floor  
10-16(214) Pete's Silly Sh"uh-oh" Show Disney Jr. Live on Stage  
10-17(215) Dole Whip My Hair Rainforest Café AK breakfast  
10-18(216) Citrus Swirl Orange Birds Hall of Presidents opening day
10-19(217) Experiment 627 Sleey Hollow breakfast  
10-20(218) Foolish Mortals Mickeys Magical milestone tour.  
10-21(219) Team Tourism Report Conservation Station Gorilla surgery
10-22(220) Made with Magic Voyage of the Little Mermaid opening day
11-1(221) Made with Magic Honey I Shrunk the Audience Opening day
11-2(222) Team Tourism Report Cinderella's Golden Carousel  
11-3(223) Foolish Mortals Captain Cook's breakfast  
11-4(224) Experiment 627 A Pirate's Adventures -- Treasures of the Seven Seas  
11-5(225) Citrus Swirl Orange Birds EPCOT Comuter Centre  
11-6(226) Dole Whip My Hair T-Rex  dinner  
11-7(227) Pete's Silly Sh"uh-oh" Show Sunshine Seasons  
11-8(228) Team Jenifurby Pecos Bill's Tall Tale Inn and Café lunch
11-9(229) Journey into Refrig w/Elsa Liberty Square Boat Ride private tour of captain's wheelhouse, where the kids get to steer the boat and receive a special pilot's license certificate at the end.
11-10(230) Kivus and Butthead Fork and Screen dinner the Avengers
11-11(231) Worst.Team. Name. Ever. Mike Fink Keel Boats  
11-12(232) Mongello Pudding Pops Splitsville dinner  
11-13(233) Echo Lake ReviewMasters Tutto Italia dinner Grande Antipasto Mistro for an app
11-14(234) Wescot Roaring Fork breakfast Breakfast bounty and mickey waffles
11-15(235) Rock 'n' Smolder Coaster Gaston's Tavern breakfast  
11-16(236) Gonzo's Hard Tickets Las Ventanas breakfast
11-17(237) SpaceKip Earth Off Kilter last show
11-18(238) Spanish Monorail Warning Wild by Design tour  
11-19(239) Garcon's Tavern Watercress Grill character breakfast
11-20(240) Disneyland Fanboys Princess Fairytale Hall Cinderella/Rapunzel
11-21(241) Blind Man's Dream Premium VIP Tour guide and front of line
11-22(242) Frozenstrom Pizzafari Breakfast Bufffet Part of the sunrise tour, tour ride up front
12-1(243) Frozenstrom Journey into the Jungle Book  
12-2(244) Blind Man's Dream Fulton's Crab House dinner  
12-3(245) Disneyland Fanboys Restaurant Marrakesh lunch  
12-4(246) Garcon's Tavern Territory Lounge dinner  
12-5(247) Spanish Monorail Warning Holiday D-Lights Tour  
12-6(248) SpaceKip Earth Earl of Sandwich breakfast  
12-7(249) Gonzo's Hard Tickets Expedition Everest Challenge  
12-8(250) Rock 'n' Smolder Coaster ESPN Club lunch  
12-9(251) Wescot The Plaza dinner  
12-10(252) Echo Lake ReviewMasters Turf Club dinner  
12-11(253) Mongello Pudding Pops Cosmic Ray's lunch  
12-12(254) Worst.Team. Name. Ever. Olivia's Café lunch  
12-13(255) Kivus and Butthead Brown Derby Lounge lunch  
12-14(256) Journey into Refrig w/Elsa Wolfgang Puck Express breakfast chocolate chip waffes and corn flake french toast
12-15(257) Team Jenifurby Epcot F&W Culinary Demonstration withBuddy Valestro Eggplant Parm
12-16(258) Pete's Silly Sh"uh-oh" Show Tangerine Café lunch  
12-17(259) Dole Whip My Hair Sommerfest lunch leiterhosen and dirndls
12-18(260) Citrus Swirl Orange Birds Capa Steakhouse dinner Four Seasons
12-19(261) Experiment 627 Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie breakfast
12-20(262) Foolish Mortals Boardwalk Bakery  
12-21(263) Team Tourism Report Planet Hollywood dinner  
12-22(264) Made with Magic Mama Melrose's dinner  
13-1(265) Made with Magic Kimonos lunch  
13-2(266) Team Tourism Report Peacock Alley lunch Waldorf Astoria
13-3(267) Foolish Mortals Nine Dragons dinner  
13-4(268) Experiment 627 MacGuffin's Lounge lunch  
13-5(269) Citrus Swirl Orange Birds Min and Bill's Dockside Diner Dad: pork shank, Mom: Turkey Leg, Kids: each get a frankfurter
13-6(270) Dole Whip My Hair Turtle Talk with Crush  
13-7(271) Pete's Silly Sh"uh-oh" Show Deep Blu Seafood Grill dinner  
13-8(272) Team Jenifurby Where's the fire?  
13-9(273) Journey into Refrig w/Elsa La Luce Hilton Bonnet Creek
13-10(274) Kivus and Butthead Big River Grill lunch  
13-11(275) Worst.Team. Name. Ever. Sklyeidoscope  
13-12(276) Mongello Pudding Pops Fresh Mediterranean Market breakfast buffet
13-13(277) Echo Lake ReviewMasters Reagan Inauguration 1985  
13-14(278) Wescot Plaza Swan Boats  
13-15(279) Rock 'n' Smolder Coaster Kringla  
13-16(280) Gonzo's Hard Tickets Landscape of Flavors lunch  
13-17(281) SpaceKip Earth Spice Road Table dinner  
13-18(282) Spanish Monorail Warning Tony's Town Square lunch Outdooer seating
13-19(283) Garcon's Tavern Mara lunch  
13-20(284) Disneyland Fanboys Pepper Market breakfast  
13-21(285) Blind Man's Dream Tortuga Tavern lunch matching outfits
13-22(286) Frozenstrom Harambe Nights buffet dinner stilt walkers and band/DJ
14-1(287) Frozenstrom Riverside Mill breakfast handcuff
14-2(288) Blind Man's Dream Disney Fine Art Photography enchanced session
14-3(289) Disneyland Fanboys Pop Century  
14-4(290) Garcon's Tavern Meet the Muppets  
14-5(291) Spanish Monorail Warning Kusafiri Coffee Shop breakfast  
14-6(292) SpaceKip Earth Captain EO  
14-7(293) Gonzo's Hard Tickets Making of Me  
14-8(294) Rock 'n' Smolder Coaster Tutto Gusto lunch  
14-9(295) Wescot Ms. Jenny's in room dining breakfast  
14-10(296) Echo Lake ReviewMasters Bongos Cuban Café lunch  
14-11(297) Mongello Pudding Pops Beach Club Marketplace breakfast  
14-12(298) Worst.Team. Name. Ever. Tokyo Dining lunch  
14-13(299) Kivus and Butthead Main St Firetruck ride with the Dapper Dans
14-14(300) Journey into Refrig w/Elsa Lakeview Restaurant breakfast character breakfast, Wyndam LBV Resort
14-15(301) Team Jenifurby Mangino's dinner  
14-16(302) Pete's Silly Sh"uh-oh" Show Astro Orbiter night
14-17(303) Dole Whip My Hair All Star Music  Country Music buildings, tears
14-18(304) Citrus Swirl Orange Birds Food Rocks  
14-19(305) Experiment 627 ESPN Wide World of Sports Grill  
14-20(306) Foolish Mortals Cookes of Dublin lunch  
14-21(307) Team Tourism Report American Q lunch  
14-22(308) Made with Magic Hollywood Hideaway dinner Private VIP

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