Thursday, November 13, 2014

Combatant's motion to change team name and add an indispensable party


John Kivus ("John"), owner of team "Kivusmanjaro Safari" ("Team")
respectfully moves to rename the Team as follows:

1. John is a super huge fan of Mighty Men of Mouse. Upon hearing of the
Mighty Men of Mouse 2014 Attraction Draft ("Draft"), John
enthusiastically emailed the Commissioner requesting to join the Draft.

2. Upon hearing about the Draft, Elyssa Kivus ("Elyssa"), John's wife,
suggested that a husband and wife team by the name of "Kivus and
Butthead" ("Super Awesome Team Name") would be the "cat's pajamas" (NOT

3. John rejected Elyssa's suggestion of the Super Awesome Team Name
without consulting with the Commissioner as to the Draft rules related
to husband and wife teams.

4. John's conduct is an example of excusable neglect.

5. Other teams in the Draft currently have husband and wife owners.

6. The second round of the Draft has not yet completed.

7. This motion is not being made for unnecessary delay or to confuse
other league participants.

WHEREFORE, John respectfully moves that the Commissioner:

(i) Update the name of the Team to be "Kivus & Butthead"; and

(ii) As the Commissioner deems appropriate, address any correspondence
related to the Draft via email and twitter to both John (@kivus, and Elyssa (@elyssashark,

John Kivus
MMoM Fan Number 1326


This matter having come before the Commissioner, the Commissioner having
read and considered the motion, and it appearing based on said motion
and other matters before the Commissioner that good cause exists for
granting the motion, it is hereby ORDERED that (i) the team currently
known as "Kivusmanjaro Safari" shall henceforth be known as "Kivus &
Butthead" and (ii) as Commissioner deems appropriate, any email or
twitter correspondence related to the Mighty Men of Mouse 2014
Attraction Draft shall be addressed to both John (@kivus, and Elyssa (@elyssashark,

The Less than Honorable, Dutch Lombrowski

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