Friday, November 7, 2014

MMOM Fall 2014 Draft Rulings Contd.

GENERAL DUTCH RULING:  The new Four Seasons is undraftable.  Ditto for Cinderella's Castle Suite. Only Disney hotels are draftable.  As a reminder the standard for a hotel is that it have its own front desk.  

QUERY 1: Quick question -- are we required to consider transit time and/or the hassle associated with choosing experiences that are geographically distant from each other?  For example, if I were to be staying at AKL, do all of my meals at EPCOT and have all of my attractions at MK, am I going to get dinged for creating an itinerary that would be a colossal pain in the ass in the real world?  Does it make any difference if the day we're constructing wouldn't actually be feasible?

DUTCH RULING:  Transit time is not a negative factor.

Per the last paragraph of the rules, a Rose and Crown ADR will not get illuminations credit. What about experiences that include attractions and meals? For example: the Fantasmic dinner package. Would that count as both the meal and an attraction? Meaning the person who picked this gets an extra pick? Would other participants be excluded from picking both the restaurant and the show?

DUTCH RULING:  The Fantasmic Dinner Package would not be eligible for drafting.

What I'm getting at is that I want to pick one of the new "Ultimate" VIP tours. These include 10+ attractions and lunch at whispering canyon. In my mind this would count as one of my attraction picks, but would also fulfill one of my meal requirements. Therefore I would potentially get an extra pick. Or would I need to take whispering canyon as one of my layer picks for it to count for my lunch that day? I do not think this should exclude others from taking any of the individual attractions.

DUTCH RULING:  All tours are draftable.  The one caveat is that any tour drafted would exclude all other draftable items.  For instance, if you drafted the Steam Train Tour, your pick would include the tour and everything that comes with it EXCEPT the actual ride on the steam train.  

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