Monday, November 10, 2014

Supplemental Draft Rulings

QUERY 1:  Just as a point of clarification, it we chose the Polynesian per say, do we get it in current condition(construction walls) or a point in time (before or after construction)?

DUTCH RULING:  You can specify a point in time for a hotel.  If you opt for a particular point in time, however, you are bound to that time for all facets of your hotel stay.  For example, if you select the 1973 version of the Poly, you don't get a modern hotel room.

QUERY 2: Has there already been a ruling as draft-ability of restaurants? ADR means its draft-able? To clarify…what about The Fountain? One of the Wolf Gang puck places? 
DUTCH RULING:  Any restaurant that is within the bounds of Walt Disney World is in play, including those listed in the question.  Even the McDonald's near Animal Kingdom would be draftable.   The only caveat is that it must offer the meal your are drafting it for (i.e. you can't draft Cosmic Rays for breakfast) and it must have entrees (i.e. can't have a Dole Whip and call it lunch). 

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