Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Yet More Dutch Rulings

1. With the Wild Africa Trek - what do I get? Its on the safari but a different experience and different ride vechiles or do I just get the walk thru part? Also, they give you lunch, is it a lunch?

DUTCH RULING: You get the whole thing, including the snacks. It doesn't count as a meal. 

2. What about the Sunrise safari - also goes thru the safari but a different experience, its not just a rehash of the ride. Also, half of it is a major breakfast buffet, is this a "meal"?

DUTCH RULING: Since it uses the same vehicle as Kilimanjaro Safari, it is not eligible at this point. 

3. Same question about the evening AKL safari - that's a full blown Jiko meal is that a dinner or experience?

DUTCH RULING: The Sunset Tour is eligible for drafting as a meal at Jiko. The vehicle is not the same as Kilimanjaro Safari, so it shouldn't be disqualified on those grounds. The safari portion of the meal can be thought of the same way as the show portion of the Hoop Dee Doo. 

4. is the Four Seasons in play?


5. does the suite in Cinderella's castle count as my hotel?


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