Thursday, December 11, 2014


This week the team is joined by Capitain Universal, Derek Burgan, to discuss whether or not there is enough for families to enjoy at Univseral Orlando.  Derek is also interrogated by the indefatigable Russ Lipton about his favorite tastes, what he is most proud of, and the wild frontiers of food classification. The final segment is a discussion on bars in WDW and Universal.  This much fun should not be free.

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Pardon the Pixie Dust

E-Ticket Report

Dutch's favorite drink of the 25 drinks of Christmas

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  1. Possibly the best Lipton segment of all time.His words are like warm butterbeer in my earholes on a cold evening spent watching a single snowflake fall quietly to the ground as fairies sing in the distance.

  2. LightEm, I think I can speak on behalf of the entire MMOM crew when I tell you that, you sir a true DELIGHT. - derekb

  3. Derek is not exactly a mixologist, and most of the drinks on his latest "25 Drinks of Christmas" are less than outstanding...but he did finally get it right on his latest entry from Blue Zoo. Again, most of the great locations on property for cocktails and cuisine are located at The Swalphin, the new Four Seasons, and the Bonnet Creek Hilton/Waldorf....alas, no one ever seems to want to talk about them.

    Keith in SC