Thursday, January 8, 2015

Episode 190 -- NOT Horcruxes

The Listener Interaction Satchel includes questions on what to do if Avatarland dies, Disney's allures, Epcot drinking teams, and more on hotels.  There was to be a topic about Horcruxes, but someone whose name rhymes with Dip Flingfield muted his mic.  On the brightside, Dutch announces the winner and medalists for the Fall 2014 MMOM Draft.

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  1. Loved this whole draft thing, was truly a blast, and I had several, "Huh? Gotta look that up..." moments, which really made it fun and I dare say even a bit educational. Was kicking around some ideas for other similar/related things you could do if you were looking to mix it up a bit next time around, thought I'd pass them along:

    ----Do a draft along the lines of what you did here, but require people to draft for a specific type of trip -- trip for first timers, trip for people that have been dozens of times, trip for families with small kids, trip for sprint breakers, trip for adults only, honeymoon trip, family reunion, enormous pack of chanting Brazilian tourists, you get the idea. That would dramatically change the rankings for many attractions, and could make for some interesting changes in strategy.

    ----Do a draft along the lines of what you did here, except that you DO have to account for the real-world ramifications of the things you choose, the distance between them and the time it takes to do them and travel between them (i.e.,your selections have to be plugged into a schedule at the end of it all, and the feasibility of that schedule factors into the result).

    ----Do a salary cap-style game, where values are assigned to various attractions, hotels, etc., and participants have to compile the best trip within a limited budget. Would involve significant work on the front end to value everything, but would be really interesting to see where people opt to put their money. Moreover, because everyone would have more or less the same total "value" of the combined experiences, the challenge would be more to create the best overall experience, something that transcends its individual components.

    ----Do a "lowball poker" style draft, where the goal is to compile the most miserable two day trip possible. small world marathon, anyone?

  2. Shhhhh! No ideas for other shows.

    Russ and I were talking about 1, 2, 3 the other day. Hadn't thought of #4. We even have a wrinkle on top of your wrinkle in #1. You'd dig it.

  3. A salary cap draft would be really interesting. A lot of prep work for our dear commissioner.