Thursday, June 4, 2015

Mighty Men of Mouse: Episode 0211 -- Edutainment and Commissioner Us

A recent episode of Radio Harambe asked the question of how much of Epcot, and WDW generally, is educational.  We try to answer that this week.  We also discuss what we would do if we were Park Commissioners.  Hint: We're better than Goodell.

Check out this episode!


  1. Gotta say, totally agree with Kip that presentation matters -- if exposure to something in the abstract counts as an educational experience, you could characterize pretty much anything as having an educational component. LMA and Indy are both explicitly presented in a "this is how we do these things" format. GMR is basically just a trip through famous movie scenes, not unlike any other dark ride. If anything, I actually feel a little dumber after riding GMR for having wasted the last 22 minutes of my life experiencing something that desperately needs a refresh, so you could say it has negative educational value. :)

  2. RE moving the MK bag check to TTC, this can't be done. There are too many ways to arrive at MK. Buses, several boats (from Poly, GF Ft. Wilderness etc.), two monorails, and of course can walk from Contemporary. Even if you added a bag check at every resort bus stop (not sure how they implement this), do you want a local with a gun in their bag/purse parking at Contemporary and walking into the park with no scrutiny at a bag check? Nope I don't either! :) [granted security would not normally catch anyone with an ankle holster or wearing a heavy enough jacket, so concealed carry is defintely still a problem!]