Thursday, June 11, 2015

Mrs. Litem's Superlative -- 2015 Spring Draft

“Trip most likely to land Mrs. Litem in Jail”  - Houser Pain
Mrs. Litem is a HUGE animal lover, especially Giraffes.  The only reason she hasn’t gotten escorted out of Animal Kingdom for trying to hug a Giraffe yet, is the watchful eye of the Safari drive.  She was so excited to see Kidani Village as the hotel choice by Houser Pain.  It would be a dream to stay there.  It’s somewhat likely though it might end in an attempt to sneak off the balcony to hug a giraffe. 

“Trip most likely to bring a tear (in a good way)”  - Jen’s Sparklers (Jen)
 When we see little Miss Litem’s face when she meets Anna, Elsa and Tinkerbell and the little big guy’s face when he meets Pooh and the Disney Junior Pals, there are sure to be some water works.

Trip most likely to end in a Dance party”  Poo Stuffed French Toast (Howie B.)
Little Miss Litem just loves Dream Along with Mickey and always dances a long and shouts Dreams Come True!  Mr & Mrs Litem love having pints at Rose and Crown then going to dance with the British Revolution.  This trip would get us all dancing.

Trip most likely to mean Mr. Litem will be forced to wear a sweater”  - Mrs. Litem was really excited to see the Holiday Sleigh ride and Norway at the Holidays….but you can’t do a picture perfect family sleigh ride without some crazy holiday sweaters so sorry Mr. Litem.

“Trip most likely to be reenacted at home”  -Aloha Aisle Orange Birds (Tim B.)
Little Miss Litem  would surely love all the special experiences Aloha Aisle Orange Birds put together.  We know we’d be having many princess tea parties and Jedi light saber fights at home for a long time to come after this trip. 

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